Empowering Parents through Special Education Advocacy

If you have a child with disabilities, you know that the special education system is complex.  

At Virginia Parent Advocates LLC, we know the special education system, the laws that provide the guidelines and safeguards to protect the educational rights that secure excellence in education for children with disabilities.  We have the expertise to apply these to make sure your child's educational needs are met.

As parents of children with disabilities, we understand. 

We know the questions you have and the fears and frustrations you feel, because we have been where you are now. With over 19 years of combined personal and professional experience, Virginia Parent Advocates LLC has the dedication and compassion to guide you every step of the way.

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Our mission is to be advocates for parents in assuring their child with disabilities and special needs receives the quality education and life services he or she is entitled to under state and federal law.

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